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Therapeutic serum in rational dose neutralizes toxic, toxic-allergic, enzymes and other factions poison; corticosteroid hormones successfully prevent the development of anaphylaxis (shock) and serum disease, symptomatic treatment restores functions of organs and systems. On pathogenetic the validity of this method of treatment of poisoning show favorable directly (in the first hours and days), next (on the day of discharge from hospital) and remote (via 3-18 years) results. Observations of distant results of treatment, especially in cases of severe and moderate poisoning, indicate the full restoration of the victims of all physiological functions of the organism, including the preservation of the ability to reproduce offspring in people who have suffered bites in children's, youth and middle age.
Taking into account some common clinical and pathogenetic paintings caused by poison spider and hymenopterans and antigenic similarity of their poisons, we have developed a method of complex treatment of stings of these animals. Uninterrupted production and anti-black widow in 23 countries therapeutic sera against poison 54 species of snakes creates the possibility of widespread its use. Great achievement is the production of concentrated therapeutic serum that can be applied in the field immediately after the bite, and thus prevent the possible development of various undesirable consequences.
Strict observance of the safety measures will significantly reduce the number of bites of poisonous animals, and to save the lives of tens of thousands of people suffering from their bites, and restore their health is necessary to create conditions for widespread and timely application of this pathogenetically justified comprehensive treatment approved by the Ministry of health of the USSR (1967). This requires pharmacies minimum reserve of therapeutic sera and uninterrupted provision of it medical institutions.
Noting the progress made, especially in the treatment of poisoning caused by poisons snakes, spiders, Scorpions and tarantulas, you should stop the attention of researchers on insufficiently detailed study of physico-chemical properties of their poisons and certain issues of pathogenesis of poisoning by these poisons. You must interpret these clinical manifestations, as "acute abdomen", "intestinal obstruction", "peritonitis" and so on, observed by the bite of the black widow and sometimes a tarantula. Timely diagnosis and emergency complex therapy in these cases, prevent various consequences of unreasonable intervention and so on, So it is necessary and important regular discussion at medical conferences in areas where there are bites (sting) arachnids.
Poisonous animals are not aggressive. Stings usually occur randomly. Therefore, the main measure to prevent bites of poisonous animals is caution in places known for their presence. The destruction of the serpent with a view to preventing their bites from our point of view it is unreasonable, because despite a sharp decrease in the number of snakes, frequency bites considerable and is increasing annually. Due to uncontrolled fishing and the destruction of snakes in places there was danger for pests of agriculture - locust, and also rats, mice and other rodents, which carries dangerous infections. Given this, as well as medicinal value snake venom, and the efficiency of the suggested treatment bitten by snakes, we feel justified protection of poisonous snakes state law, and incorporating them into the "Red book".