Mineral water every year become more widespread as in the resorts and in non-resort practice. There is an intensive search and study of mineral waters in many parts of the country, refining of their physico-chemical properties. Experimental and clinical work has identified some mechanisms of physiological and therapeutic actions waters, to develop differentiated indications and methods for their internal use.
All this makes it possible to scientifically substantiate and widely organize mineral water treatment of various diseases in the resorts, hospitals and clinics.
Internal use of mineral waters with chronic diseases of the organs of the digestive system is a very effective treatment method.
Drinking treatment, as well as other internal use of mineral waters, must be preceded by a thorough examination of the patient with a detailed assessment of morphological and functional changes of the digestive tract, as well as the assessment of compensatory abilities. You must eliminate the symptoms of exacerbation peace, diet, medication and physiotherapeutic equipment; only then can you start drinking cure. Conduct drinking treatment in acute illness should not be.
Internal use of mineral waters can be a leading factor in the medical complex, but it should be combined with thoughtful regime and medical nutrition, shown in this disease.
Drinking cure should not be monotonous. In accordance with shifts occurring in a patient during the course of drinking treatment should complement, and sometimes replace rectal procedures, gastric and duodenal washing, be combined with drug therapy, etc.
The therapeutic use of mineral waters shall not take more than 5-6 weeks. More prolonged use causes undesirable disturbance of water-salt metabolism and the acid-alkaline balance in the body. This is without prejudice to repeat courses drinking treatment in 3-4 months, which is quite justified.
Observing these principles drinking, it is possible in most cases to achieve good results of treatment. In addition, it is important to consolidate this positive effect on the long term. The study of remote results of treatment by drinking mineral waters gives grounds to assert that achieved in the resort positive effect is saved only when after the Spa treatment to the patient created favourable conditions of work and life and primarily ensured regular health food.
Finally, it is necessary that the patient is suffering from a chronic disease of the digestive system, was under the supervision of a doctor. Under favorable conditions the positive results of drinking water treatment - new rhythm and the level of physiological processes - long remain, and often positive developments continue to grow in the period aftereffect.
However, if the conditions of work and life is unfavorable, the results may not be persistent, and often comes another exacerbation of the disease. To prevent this is the main task of the doctor.
In conclusion, we emphasize that, although opened by far not all the mechanisms of action of mineral waters, the age-old practice clearly shows their high efficiency.