In the XVII century Dutch Anthony Leeuwenhoek, passionately fascinated by the new instrument, microscope, undertook to improve it and zoom in to a two-hundred times. He first saw some tiny creature, suddenly found themselves in a drop of stagnant rainwater, rotten tincture from hay dust. Experiments Dutch researchers have introduced man in a new, hitherto unknown to him the world.
People took the time to explore the mysterious properties of this immense world. He led them to the roots of many diseases. Special, continuously moving organisms - bacteria - was the cause of certain diseases not only people but also animals and plants. They were found under a microscope and began to explore the French scientist Louis Pasteur. He started his observations in 1855.
Thirty seven years Russian scientist Dmitry Ivanovsky was faced with another problem. He missed juice patients tobacco leaf through the smallest bacterial filters. Through their holes visible in the microscope bacteria usually do not penetrate. But this experience of the scientist discovered a deadly bacteria such a small size that they freely passed the trap of bacterial filters. Ivanovo called these organisms filterable virus.
However, he failed to see them under the microscope - so they were young. Saw them another generation of researchers through other, already electron microscopes, magnifying objects in tens and even hundreds of thousands of times.
Here is the continuous development of science is the largest of its victory. Is that at all times shared the science and its opponent - religion. Movement, development, that for one's life, to the other a threat to its existence.
Therefore, so far, the Christian religion is still sees the cause of the disease of sin through the fault of Adam and eve inherited the entire human race. No wonder the Patriarch is the head of the Orthodox Church addressed the faithful. "By allowing to be a disease, " he said in his sermon, the Lord wants to heal us from the ancient sores of sin".
The same language that many centuries ago. As if there were no breakthroughs in medical science, as if people through the peephole microscope did not see the perpetrators of their diseases, that is, in the face!
"There will be the blessing of God upon the continuation of human life, - says the modern religious magazine, and no human art will not increase his life even for a single year, for a single day".
This is what happened in one hospital of the city of Vilnius. In the chamber for recovering died suddenly Mason Jonas Azuolas. He was dead for fifteen minutes! The doctors tried everything - and the external cardiac massage and artificial respiration, but heart rate restore failed. Then floated special equipment established in the experimental laboratory on activity of organisms. In the heart of the deceased sending electrical impulses voltage from four to six thousand volts. And it came to life, death retreated. But after a few hours heart Jonas stopped again.
Within days the patient died many times, and each time the doctors were bringing him back to life, while the Jonas Azuolas was not out of danger.
What is that if not "the art of man"?
Case in Vilnius hospital is a unique, world medical practice is not seen anything like this. But the same wisdom and the art of human, above which there is nothing in this world, every day, every hour saves from death to thousands of people, in other times really doomed to death.
But no less striking facts of a different kind, in England, in Stockport, seventeen year old boy by the name of John Hyden, died from wounds received in a road accident. It could be saved by a blood transfusion, but neither Heyden nor his father did not consent. The fact that the religious laws of the sect to which they both belonged, forbid the use of the medical services.
In the Dutch village of Elspeet the priest of the local Church pastor the Wyss delivered a sermon, in which he warned his parishioners from vaccinations against polio.
It is known that most of all suffer from this disease children.
Just like in the days of Jenner, pastor addressed the parishioners with the same form of evidence:
"Disease is God's punishment for sins, and people should not interfere in the Lord's verdict.
The believers held a demonstration. At the entrance to the Church they had built in the number of mobile chairs with sick children...
Some religious sects in our country also do not recognize the achievements of medicine. One of the points of doctrine calls physician help a great sin, a crime against God. Often even superstitious people's consciousness gives them a dangerous Council, and instead in order to seek the help of a doctor, they prefer "the mystic arts" wisewomen are or semi-literate herbalist.
Religion and science have divided the ocean of human knowledge, and with each new scientific discovery they are receding from each other more and more.
There is such a bridge, which would connect these shores!