The mind of man covers a vast perspectives of the past and boundless prospects for the future...
We see our first desert planet, not warmed by the breath of life. Water covers its surface. In its depths and in the hot interior of the earth continuously committed Titanic work: alloys are formed, new substances; in the depths of the world ocean Matures future of the planet - life; there is a Union of carbon and hydrogen - the first organic matter - the basis of life. The earth is pregnant with life, it bears its 4.5 billion years! The laws of physics and chemistry of molecules in living material gain new meaning. There the laws of the highest order - the laws of life.
The power of life in the device, it is changeable, as everything in the world, it forms an extremely varied. Simple organisms give rise to a more complex. The driving force of development is a device aimed at the affirmation of life. The world of living beings is growing and growing. It is found in water, air and land. It has severe biological law of natural selection; die unsuitable require those who have proved to be useful life property and organs - living tools of the body. "Arms" of the body, fighting for its existence, "equipped" with the apparatus of movement and the Central nervous system, see the senses and the brain; of the highest representatives of the world of animals outstanding people. Begins a new era of development.
The work creates a human, biological laws lose their importance for the development of his physical features. Human development driven by social laws. The highest gun man becomes science. The study of the laws of nature and the mastery of them brings humanity in it today.
We met with some of the basic laws of the structure and functioning of the human body. The knowledge of anatomy and physiology of separate organs and systems of organs, their complex interactions in the system maintenance is an integral organism are necessary for everyone. Deep understanding of the mechanisms of the human body" allows you to intelligently build mode of work and rest, prevent diseases and to cure them. However, many of the secrets of the wisdom of the body is hidden from the eyes of our mind. To their knowledge eager scientists. Mastering the laws of life in all their diversity and complexity will make man more powerful, widen the horizons of its capabilities.
At a higher stage of development of the intellect of man becomes available not only natural phenomena and laws of social life. In the creative activity of the higher power of man! Science and advanced technology has made him a true master of nature. People gradually conquers space and time - desert, sea, air and rivers of the Earth the depths of the ocean and space. He put at the service itself electricity energy, solar and nuclear. Having mastered the laws of social development, the people of our country and the fraternal socialist countries build their life happy and healthy, embodying the validity of the age-old dream of mankind of a fair system of communism!