The primary task set by the Program of the CPSU - the program of construction of communism, is the provision in the USSR very high compared to any capitalist country in living standards. The fulfillment of the grandiose tasks of the new five-year plan will be a new important stage in the steady and rapid movement towards this goal. Create unlimited opportunities for health-improvement and decisive for the eradication of infectious diseases.
Medical science has created a powerful means of combating infectious diseases; every year the medical practice is enriched with new efficient methods of prevention and treatment. You most fully use all the possibilities to achieve the goal, which is formulated as the title of this booklet: children should not suffer.
Contagious, even those that are considered to be very easy, "innocent", causing great, and sometimes it is difficult reparable damage to the health of children; they violate the normal conditions of their upbringing. Protect children from infectious diseases!
Recently we have witnessed a dramatic progressive decline in the incidence of childhood diseases (diphtheria, polio, whooping cough, measles and other). But it would be a gross mistake to indulge in complacency.
The achievements can not serve as a pretext for weakening attention to infectious diseases, to the neglect of the measures of their prevention. About infectious diseases cannot be forgotten, it is impossible to reduce efforts in combating them, otherwise they brutally remind myself. The history of infectious disease is full of such examples. And in our time where neglect in carrying out vaccination against diphtheria or polio, these terrible infection lift your head and pose a threat of epidemic disaster. The control of communicable diseases should continue with tireless energy.
The most important condition for further progress in this important work, having the state significance, is conscious and active participation of the population in the implementation of the system of measures undertaken by the health authorities.

In 1972, the publishing house "Medicine" series "to Parents about children's health" will be released following educational brochures:
Novikov E. H. "disease of the newborn". 3 HP, 50 000 copies, 9 kopeck
This book tells you about the characteristics of the organism newborn and some possible disease of the newborn (thrush, inflammation umbilical wound and others)- the Big attention is paid to care for such a child.
The brochure is designed for parents.
Collection "Young parents". Ed. by C. A. Vlasov. Ed. 2nd, 10 l, 100000 copies, 39 kopecks
The book covers development of the child from the moment of his birth. Discusses the peculiarities of development, hygiene home where the child lives, and about the care of newborns and infants.
Great attention is paid to the food hygiene, clothing child.
The publication is intended for the parents.