In the period when the Soviet people creates the material base of communism, the parents and the school of the heavy lifting-education of highly educated member of society, physically strong, faithful to the principles of Communist morality. No class differences and material security of the Soviet people open up opportunities on the path of moral upbringing of the generation is worthy of the Communist era. In the process of education was important to ensure that the people of the Communist tomorrow was highly cultured, strong and morally clean. It is important to continue to prevent disharmony in the development of the child's personality, as they predispose to children's nervousness and the emergence of sexual deviations. If we successfully fulfill this task, if our children will be brought up on the feelings of mutual love, integrity and social responsibility, they will have a positive impact on the further strengthening of family relations. "Communism must carry not asceticism, " said C. I. Lenin,and the vitality and vigor, also caused by the fullness of the love of life" *, which is possible only under condition of monogamy, which in the future Communist society should become the highest and most desirable form of relations between the sexes.
Along with the moral foundations in the sexual education of children must be considered and physiological features of sexual function, and subordinating it higher encourage grounds, and norms of behaviour. Fruitful to solve such complicated problems, which is the upbringing of healthy sexual feelings, largely promotes the creative collaboration of doctors, teachers, and parents. The victory of Communist relations in our country will provide the material and spiritual conditions necessary for a new flourishing of family relations, for happiness in the field of love. To bring up children to this goal is an honourable duty and social responsibility of all Soviet people, first and foremost educators" the Authors will consider his task fulfilled if this book will be useful and will help parents and teachers to better organize the process of harmonious development of personality of our children - the future builders of communism.

* Memories of Lenin, I. 2, page 483.