The delayed-type Allergy

Allergies delayed type is often considered synonymous with tuberculin skin allergies. The reason is purely historical. Tuberculin (tuberculoprotein) known clinicians from the beginning of this century. Much later it became known that allergic reactions tuberculin type observed in many other infectious diseases, parasitic, viral and fungal diseases, as well as in response to the introduction of some soluble proteins. Further observations have shown that the basis of the pathogenesis of allergic contact dermatitis in the application of some chemical substances are also allergic reactions tuberculin skin type.
Currently, there is no doubt that tissue damage observed in the introduction of tuberculin tuberculosis, at its immunological mechanism are like the prototype of allergic reactions delayed type at all.

  • The cause of the delayed-type Allergy
  • The nature of the delayed-type Allergy
  • Immune factors in Allergy delayed type
  • Allergic reaction of the delayed type in the clinic
  • Communication allergies immediate and delayed type