Charging (morning gymnastics)

complex of exercises for children
Fig. 1. A sample set of exercises for children
complex of exercises for women
Fig. 2. A sample set of exercises for women
complex of exercises for men
Fig. 3. A sample set of exercises for men

Charging (morning gymnastics) - a complex of physical exercises performed in the morning, after sleeping. Charging increases all body functions, reduced during sleep, and thus quickly causes the body in good condition. The daily charge promotes good health and tempering, brings up valuable for the health of the habit of regular physical exercises.
Charging usually consists of simple gymnastics, affecting all major muscle groups of the body. Physical activity must correspond to the age, sex and state of health involved (Fig. 1-3). So, in charge for children not included power exercises, great attention is paid obshherazvivajushhego and corrective exercises; charging for women are important exercises that help strengthen the muscles of the abdomen and pelvis; in charging people of Mature and old age are important exercises that help maintain mobility in the joints, are excluded speed exercise. Physical activity in charge can vary within a wide range by choosing the appropriate exercises, changes in the number of their repetition, the speed of execution of individual activities, reduce or increase the interval between them, use for relaxation breathing exercises, walking and other appropriate form charging is applied in the system of medical physical culture (see). Persons with disabilities in the state of health, as well as Mature and old age on the nature of the charge should consult a doctor.
To adjust the load charging helps self - monitor their health. Charging does not have to be tedious, after it is good health and cheerful mood. During charging, special attention should be paid to proper breathing: it must be deep, without delay, consistent with the running movement.
Exercises should be done every day, without gaps, in summer - outdoor, in the cold season - in a well ventilated room. Clothing should be light, shoes without heels. After charging mandatory water procedures (wiping with a damp towel, dousing waist, shower, bathing) with observance of all rules of hardening (see).