Protection against weapons of mass destruction

Protection against weapons of mass destruction - system of measures for prevention or mitigation of impact of nuclear, chemical and biological weapons of the enemy on the troops, civilian population and material values. Protection from weapons of mass destruction in the army participate engineering, motorized infantry and other troops, military, medical, chemical, veterinary and other services.
Depending on the weapon protection is divided into antinuclear, anti-chemical and anti-bacterial. Measures of protection can be General (for all types of applied weapons and special. In addition, all security measures are divided into pre held until the moment of impact weapons, and measures on liquidation of consequences of its use by the enemy. To provisional measures of protection against mass destruction weapons include: combined exploration, creation of means of protection, the redeployment of troops, camouflage, warning of the attack, as well as immunization personnel and prevention of radiation sickness. Among the measures on elimination of consequences of the use by the enemy of weapons of mass destruction are: radiation, chemical and bacteriological research; medical evacuation activities in the centers of mass lesions; special (including sanitation) processing; decontamination (see), degassing (see), disinfection (see) weapons, equipment, supplies, food, water, and areas; extinguishing fires and clearing of blockages, observation and Karantinnaya; restoration and other works.
The task of the military intelligence is the timely detection of the enemy's weapons of mass destruction. Subsequent destruction of these weapons can prevent its use. Timely notification of troops and civilians of impending nuclear, chemical and bacterial attack the enemy gives an opportunity to take a number of measures for protection (the redeployment of troops, shelter them in shelters or other protective constructions and so forth). Troops are notified in advance established signals: sound (sirens, bells and other), radio and phone text or conditional code (for example, the group of figures) or light signals, etc.
The redeployment of troops, changing areas, their location and hiding the most important and effective means of protection against weapons of mass destruction. To disguise troops are various natural (vegetation) and artificial means (camouflage nets, clothing, painting equipment, transport and etc.).
Protection against weapons of mass destruction are divided into individual and collective. Collective protection measures are the simplest earth shelter (trenches, dugouts, dugouts, cracks, and other structures), as well as a special vault. Individual means of protection include masks (see), protective clothing, individual chemical package (see).
Immunization troops and the population is carried out in case of threat of bacterial attack against the pathogens of infectious infectious diseases that may apply opponent. Prevention of radiation sickness is special means before the imminent danger of radiation exposure.
Radiation, chemical and bacteriological exploration (see Medical intelligence) are carried out to detect contamination, food, water, air and material values of RS and S, microbes and toxins; establish the level of radioactive contamination, the type of toxic substances and bacteria, as well as determine the boundaries of contamination in order to prevent the troops about the danger of defeat.
Medical-evacuation - see the Hearth of mass defeat, Sanitary-hygienic and anti-epidemic security, Chemical weapons, Nuclear weapons.
Sanitary treatment (see sanitization troops)and deactivation, decontamination and disinfection of different objects are held in case of infection to prevent the slaughter of the people and save material values.

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