Protection against weapons of mass destruction

Antinuclear protection. In the military field conditions for protection against the damaging factors of nuclear weapons serve the trenches, dugouts, dugouts and any natural deepening (ravines, gullies, etc). To protect against light radiation, in addition to these shelters suitable even small folds areas. The most reliable protection from penetrating radiation are special vault with concrete or of adequate thickness of the earthen floor. The simplest structures (trenches, slots) only weaken the action of penetrating radiation. In the army the impact of ionizing radiation significantly reduced armor of tanks and armored vehicles. Protection from exposure to radioactive substances serve as shelters, shelters and protective clothing. While working in contaminated areas is limited, and before you apply the preventive means against radiation sickness.
Affected by radioactive substances undergo sanitary treatment under control nurses.
Chemical protection. Protective clothing (see) and gas masks (see) protects against RC. Quick and proper donning completely eliminates the defeat. Bunkers and shelters with special filters-absorbers fully protect people from the RC. However, under conditions of warfare is not always possible in a timely manner to use protection. Infected S should promptly undergo sanitary treatment (see). For the removal and neutralization drops S caught on clothing or skin is used individual chemical package, and for group processing - special bag PHS (chemical means). With the help of individual chemical package or bag PHS is incomplete, so-called partial special treatment, which cannot guarantee complete removal of the RC. Therefore infected S complete special processing on the special processing, deployable chemical service, where clothing is processed using a special degassers, and the personnel under the supervision of nurses pass sanitary treatment (obnimku).
Antibacterial protection. As a means of protection from bacterial toxins are gas masks and protective clothing. To remove toxins from the skin and clothing, use plain water or fluid from individual chemical package. Protection against pathogenic germs is to use protective clothing, respirators, special shelters, conducting sanitation, disinfection, disinsection, deratization and immunization personnel. Immunizations the troops in wartime are, as mentioned above, in case of threat of bacterial attack, and epidemic indications. Based on the data of bacteriological intelligence is the whole complex of sanitary-hygienic and anti-epidemic measures, including observation and quarantinization.