Leakages - accumulation in the tissues of the liquid contents (pus, blood, urine), traveled a considerable distance from purulent wounds, abscesses, hematomas, damaged bladder. The most frequent purulent leakages with infected wounds. Pus is moving on intermuscular cracks, resslova muscles, mainly under the influence of gravity, and can reach very remote from the focus areas of the body, such as leakages from the area of the hip under the Achilles tendon to the heel bone. The main reason of satekov - bad emptying deep long and richly festering wounds. Purulent leakages can lead to sepsis (see) or traumatic depletion (see).
Diagnosis, prevention, treatment - see the Wounds, the wounds. Leakages in tuberculosis called wandering abscess, or atechnical (see). Blood leakages are not dangerous, they usually arise fractures (see) and is one of their signs. Very great danger is urinary numb (see).