Breakfast trial

Breakfast trial - specific composition of food or chemicals which can cause agitation gastric salootdelenie. For research secretory capacity of the stomach suggested a large number of trial Breakfast.
For research secretory function of the stomach by means of a thick probe was proposed trial Breakfast Boas - Evald, consisting of 50 g stale white bread , without crusts and 400 ml of warm water.
Currently, this method of investigation could not be recommended. Firstly, the main indication of the ability of the glands of the stomach secretes digestive juice gives the so-called basal secretion of fasting. The study of this secretion is a thin tube (see the Stomach). Application of a thick probe for these purposes, impossible. Secondly, after Breakfast, Boas - Evald remove gastric content, not clean gastric juice.
The best stimuli gastric glands are 0.1% solution of histamine (0,1-0,5-1 ml subcutaneously or intramuscularly), 7% of cabbage infusion by Petrova and Risso (300 ml), which is used as a test Breakfast. You can also use a meat broth (1 bouillon cube throw in 200-300 ml of water), provided that there is no need to identify proteins in the gastric contents.
Use of caffeine trial Breakfast is not recommended, as it is quite a mild irritant gastric glands.