Grounding connection of metal enclosures of electrical machines, devices, equipment, tripods and other devices with the help of cables with the mass of the Earth. Because the electric potential of the Earth is assumed to be zero, all metal mass included in the earth system, will have zero potential, even if they are the result of an accident or malfunction of electric device happens to be under stress.
Of particular importance is the ground when operating electrical devices, high voltage, such as x-ray machines. Requirements for the grounding different depending on the type and capacity of the units. When operating high-voltage stationary devices all wires to be ground, attached to the special ground wire is connected to a sufficiently large area of metal, corrosion resistant electrodes buried in the ground below the groundwater level and freezing of soil.
In the field of x-ray devices for grounding use a metal rod, stuck into the ground. For grounding mobile and portable devices can be used for connection to the underground network metal water pipe filled with water. In devices that have a so-called earthed zero wire, allowed to use it to the ground (so-called neutral). Not be used for grounding pipe Central heating, gas pipelines. Reliable grounding need to systematically check.