Health assessment is subjective and objective

Analysis of materials about the long years of the USSR showed that there are differences in the assessment of health condition, the doctor-expert and by the surveyed. This is true in all territories.
Long-almost twice less, than doctors-experts gave a positive assessment to their health. So, on average, in all the areas considered themselves strong 14% of men-long-livers and 8.4% of women, and among those age - 21 and 13.3% respectively.
Lagging indicators in subjective evaluation is due mainly to the fact that many long years did not know about their various diseases. More abrupt fluctuations of the indices of the various republics according to expert assessment vs. subjective, obviously, to some extent connected with the quality of diagnosis of chronic disease in persons of this age at the time of the survey.
Summarizing some results of the assessment are considered indicators according to the survey, long-term population of large territories with the complex and varied conditions of life, it is difficult to identify any single factor influencing the state of health of people. Given the significance of the detected territorial differences in the health status of long-term residents, this mapping is correct to speak about a kind of combined influence of various conditions.
It can be assumed that in areas with high levels of long-term health operates more favorable factors, than in areas with low. Identifying the nature of the various influences on the health of the people should be given the geographical, biological and social factors. To facilitate the task of the examination of centenarians is better to make into smaller territories with specific characteristics.