Interest in life

This criterion long-term mental health of people also variabelen. Usually range of interests of the very elderly restricted Affairs and developments in their own family, but many of them, especially men, are actively interested in the public life of the country, their region, city or village.
The highest share of persons with an interest in events of the public life, among many years people of the Ukrainian SSR (among men age-45%, among women -20%). With age, this indicator in all territories falls. The lowest rates are in Kyrgyz and Moldavian SSR. We must bear in mind that the indicators of this valuation category depend not only on health, but from the General cultural level of the population, lifestyle and breadth of interests in young years.
More comparable to assess the health of centenarians living in different parts of the country, the indicator of the loss of any interest to the surrounding, even to his family. The smallest of its values are observed in Ukraine, Lithuania and Belarus: 9-11% of those age and 16-19% of centenarians. A large proportion of lost interest in life detected among Kyrgyz and Abkhazian centenarians that is at odds with the higher level of their physical health.