Visual acuity and hearing

Limitation of interest in the environment, to the events of the outside world to a certain extent connected with impaired vision and hearing. The average value of the share of persons with a relatively good eyesight and hearing quite similar in all major subgroups studied (gender and age); the fluctuations of this indicator is significant.
However, it is noted that in the Kirghiz SSR many centenarians have very good vision. On the second place on this indicator is of Abkhazia, which is characterized by the retention of centenarians good hearing. Much worse sight and hearing the old people of Belarus and Lithuania. In some republics among centenarians many blind (in Belarus and Lithuania to 28-29%). Least of all the blind and deaf in Abkhazia.
Although most of the elderly are sight and hearing loss, very few of them use glasses and hearing AIDS. According to A. N. Zelinsky (1965), in Byelorussia and Ukraine glasses have 7-38% long, and hearing AIDS - only 0.1 to 1.4 percent violence.