The safety teeth

The loss of teeth, which increases with age, reaching its maximum extent in old age. Complete loss of teeth and the need to resort to the help of prostheses for providing such important functions as the eating is a common condition in the elderly. However, in respect of this indicator, according to the study, there is a certain territorial variability.
The lack of teeth in age and longevity rarely occurs in Belarusian and Moldavian SSR, often in Kyrgyzstan, which revealed a very small number of people who have survived more than half of all teeth. It is possible that the poor condition of dental apparatus in the old Kyrgyz due to their power.
Draws attention to the safety of dental apparatus in Abkhazian of centenarians. More than half of all teeth have 18.4 (men senile age) to 11.4% (women) is false) violence.
The proportion of persons completely deprived of teeth, up to 60% among long-livers of women and 38% of men. At the same time, the provision of dental prostheses far behind the needs them in the surveyed territories: the dentures are only 7-20% longtime people.
In all studied areas of the country celebrated the same paradoxical phenomenon that was discovered in Ukrainian SSR: women-false, despite the worst condition of the teeth, prostheses are used less often than men-long-livers and persons of both sexes elderly.
Prosthetics made only have 1/4-1/10 long. We can assume that the low numbers of centenarians dentures, as well as glasses and hearing AIDS mainly depends on the organizational difficulties of the order, which is usually due to age and pathological changes that restrict their movement.
The estimation of confidence intervals and graphical analysis of the above indicators of the health of centenarians, indicate statistical data reliability compared to the indices in the 80 - 89. Significant differences are revealed also from peers long-lived in different territories of the Soviet Union.