Health features of centenarians in some republics

Regional characteristics of the health of people of old age and long-lived obtained on the basis of a common program and methods of the Ukrainian, Belarusian, Lithuanian, Moldovan, Georgian and Kyrgyz SSR (N. N. Sachuk, 1964). The location selected for study areas allowed us to get an idea of the long-term health of the people, that is dependent on the characteristics of the economy and the natural and geographical conditions of the studied areas of the country. The survey presents the Northern, Central and southern regions of the European part of the USSR (Baltic region, Ukrainian and Moldovan Soviet socialist Republic, the Transcaucasian region), as well as some parts of Central Asia (Kyrgyzstan, Turkmenistan).
The survey results showed that there were very significant fluctuations of the indices of the health of people 80 years and older residing in different parts of the country. This applies to all evaluation criteria and all major subgroups long.

  • The degree of mobility
  • The ability to self-service
  • Housework
  • Mental disorders
  • Interest in life
  • Visual acuity and hearing
  • The safety teeth
  • The integral estimation of health condition
  • Assessment of health by sex and age
  • Health assessment is subjective and objective