The health condition of the organism, all its functions and systems are in harmonic interaction and dynamically balanced with the external environment.
The concept of "health" is established on the basis of a number of anthropometric, clinical, physiological and biochemical parameters that are not the same for all healthy people, and vary depending on their gender, age, body type, geographical and climatic conditions, etc., So this concept is conditional. However, these indicators are guided in the conclusion about the state of health, which is required in cases of recruitment, admission to study or work in the forensic medical examination etc.,
Although the concept of "health" and eliminates the disease, each of these States can be connected near transitional stages. These stages are separate hidden hereditary diseases, the latent period of the disease, erased form of the disease, and others, on the contrary, there are cases where the poor health experienced by the person does not have any objective violations of human body. In this regard, there is the concept of subjective and objective health, as well as the term "practically healthy", which indicates the status of the person as though there are pathological changes, but the health and well-being remain normal. The human health depends on the perfection of adaptive mechanisms of the organism, from the fact, how well he adapts to the environment. This in turn is determined by the persistence of the organism, previous diseases, hereditary and constitutional peculiarities, as well as social factors.
In the USSR, one of the clearest manifestations of concern for the good of the people served approved by the Supreme Council of the USSR fundamentals of the legislation on health care of the USSR and Union republics" (see healthcare Legislation). The law declares that the health of the people is one of the most important tasks of the Soviet state.
"Legislation of the USSR and Union republics on health care,- is said in the first section of the document that regulates public relations in the field of public health in order to ensure harmonious physical and spiritual development, health, high levels of disability and long active life of citizens; to prevent and reduce morbidity, and to further reduce disability and mortality; eliminate the factors and conditions that negatively influence on the health of citizens". The protection of public health,said in the basic laws is the duty of all state bodies, public organizations.
At the same time, the Law imposes a serious responsibility on the citizens themselves. Specially stipulated that citizens of the USSR have to take good care of their health and health of other members of society.