For a healthy childhood

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The upbringing of a child begins from the first days of his life with strict permanent regime, which is based on accurate and correct alternation of feeding, sleeping, waking. When compiling mode, you need to consider the physical abilities of the child, the type of the nervous system; after illness and the weakened children regime should be sparing. In these cases, your helpers should be the local doctor and nurse nurse. A great place in the regime awake must take physical exercise.
3-4 weeks, talk with your doctor, you can start to massage, continuing until 4-5 months. With 1.5-2 months you can start to do gymnastics. Gymnastics and massage make-covered with a blanket and a sheet table. Exercise will help the overall development, strengthen muscles, improve metabolic processes and the work of intestines, develops chest. With 3 months 2-3 times daily of the child should be laid on her stomach (not after eating!). These exercises teach a child to raise his head and strengthen the spine.
At the age of 6-7 months it is accustomed yourself to sit, and in 10-11 months to stand without support. Very well, if at the age of 8-9 months baby arrange a small Manege with railings on the floor. For this purpose apply and cot, only in this case the mattress is replaced by a sheet of plywood. In Manezh the child quickly learns to stand up, crawl, play, forgetting to be capricious and to ask on hand.
In the period of wakefulness need to teach the child to use toys. Selection of toys is of great importance, as they contribute to the overall development of the child.
To see and hear the child begins soon after birth, but these functions he is still poorly differentiated. For the development of view since the end of the first month over the baby's crib at a distance of 55 to 60 centimeters hung bright toys. Gradually the child is accustomed to capture the look items, toys, begins to follow them, listens to the sounds, smiling.
From 3 to 5 months when the child appeared grasping movements, toys need to be suspended below, that the child was able to touch them and to capture (rings, rattles). With 5 months the child has a desire to take the toys to keep them, compress. Give him a rubber toys, balls, rings made of celluloid.
In the age of from 7 to 10 months, the child begins to crawl and then to sit. By showing a baby toys they should be called, which will contribute to the development of speech.
At the age of 10-12 months, when the child begins to walk, you can give cart, wheelchair to accustom his move. For acquaintance with the surrounding world are books, pictures, for development of observation - clockwork toys. And not necessarily children should have expensive toys: glue them colorful boxes, house, cut out of paper animals, soldiers, etc.
The game is not only fun, it teaches the child to independence, trains agility, courage, forces us to be proactive, calms the nervous system. During the game the child should share toys with other children, to begin to feel sorry for animals, to be attentive to the wishes of others. Encouraging the achievement of your child, do not disparage the dignity of others, because it promotes the development of conceit in the nature of children. With 3 years of teaching children to be your helpers. They should be taught to love and respect the work that has huge organizing value. Four-year-Zinochka enthusiastically told me how she helps grandmother. "Can even wardrobe to wipe... and that glass is not, a vase for the flowers... I haven from pan soap". And we should not be discouraged and angry with them if they will stain clothes.
Children are seriously worried resentment and fear, but it slows their initiative. Not iznajmiti baby, don't make him an idol, which all can, otherwise he will grow up selfish.
The child should be the area for games, it is better with a small table and chair. Children need to train to keep toys, and after the games, he must take them. Teach it to clean bed, undress and dress. Great importance in the development of physical qualities are walking with duration not less than 2-3 hours 2 times a day, day and night, summer and winter. Walks to be interesting, filled mobile games: you can remove snow, drizzle and dig the garden, to haul in a small cart, sand, etc.