Healthy lifestyle

The second direction of the primary prophylaxis of alcoholism and the formation of a healthy way of life.
It consists of the most common and recurring features of the organization of life, life stereotypes, habits, the content of which depends on social conditions, and on the position of the individual. Hence, in principle, two avenues of influence on the formation of the image of life: through changes in social conditions and by changing the position of the individual.
Under socialism, the care for health of the person and society raised to the rank of state policy. In the nature of socialist society there are no objective limitations on the path of improving health of its members. Healthy way of life, thus, should be seen as an integral part of a more fundamental concepts - the socialist way of life.
A. D. Stepanov and E. A. Izutkin under healthy lifestyle understand typical and relevant to the socio-economic structure forms of human activity, strengthen the adaptive possibilities of the human body, promoting high-grade performance of social functions and achievement of active longevity. Being a part of the socialist way of life, a healthy lifestyle at the same time and necessary condition for the implementation of the tasks facing society. Of course, inherently healthy lifestyle excludes the use of alcohol, other harmful habits. A healthy lifestyle should be approved in production and educational activities, leisure, family sphere. The basis of his is to become differentiated system of scientifically grounded hygienic criteria, streamline operations and activities, regimen, diet, physical activity. Wide use of the skills of individual hygiene, mental health, better style of communication and interaction, strengthening of family relations - all this will become an everyday reality. Unfortunately, the efforts in this direction are still insufficiently coordinated. Special value again is work with young people, because in this age group promoting a healthy lifestyle can bring the most fruitful results and the corresponding values can take a strong place in the core of a person.