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Health care in the USSR

The development of the economy, the rise of material welfare of workers, the General and sanitary culture of the population was considered Century I. Lenin as a basis of strengthening of health of people and a prerequisite for the elimination of mass morbidity.
In the first days of existence of Soviet power the state has taken care about the health of the people. In our legislative acts of the Soviet government agreed to hold the broad health and sanitary measures that aim primarily to prevent the development of diseases.
Specify Century I. Lenin on the need to combat typhus and return with fever, smallpox, cholera and other diseases, the need guidance exemplary purity in the cities and villages of the country was crucial in eliminating epidemics in the country. Were implemented specific measures to improve the San.-the gig. conditions of settlements, the protection of soil, water and air, catering population, preventing the development and spread of infectious diseases. Defined tasks on creation of sanitary legislation, the conduct of the fight against social diseases, to ensure the total population of qualified free medical aid.
Bright page in the history of the preventive direction of the Soviet health is the organization of the system of protection of motherhood and childhood and resort assistance in the USSR. C. I. Lenin paid to these issues much attention. All major decrees defining the General provisions on health protection of mother and child, and resort construction, were prepared with his immediate participation and signed by him.
Health of the people is not only the system of medical aid to the population carried out by the health authorities, but also all many-sided activity of the Soviet state, including measures on rise of material and cultural living standards, labor protection, social insurance, social security, implementation of mass physical education, etc.
State the nature of the Soviet health care was emphasized in the Program of the CPSU adopted XXII Congress of the Party. The Program is recorded that "the socialist state is the only state which takes charge of the protection and continuous improvement of the health of the whole population. This is ensured by the system of socio-economic and medical measures. The slogan of the CPSU - "All in the name of man, for the good of man".
Directive XXIV Congress of the Party envisage measures for the further improvement of health. It is planned to continue the construction of a big specialized and General hospitals, polyclinics, dispensaries, in order to improve the quality of specialized aid and fully provide the population with all its kinds; expand the network of stations of ambulance and of epidemiological stations. Should be fully provide for the demand of the population and health care in drugs and other medicines. The number of hospital beds should be brought in 1975 to 3 million, also provides for the increase in the standard cost for meals in hospitals. More broadly will develop scientific research on the most important problems of medicine and health care. The number of doctors will increase, increase the level of training of medical personnel. Further development will sanatorium-and-Spa treatment.
In the USSR the health development plan was incorporated into the state plan of the national economy, which ensured the development of all sections of health care and training of personnel in accordance with the objectives of improving health care for the entire population. The material means for implementation of the health development plan envisaged in the state budget of the USSR.