Health center

The health center - medical center, organized at the industrial enterprises, in institutions, state farms, RTS for rendering first or first medical aid in case of injury, sudden illness, occupational poisoning, for the organization of actions on prevention of General and professional morbidity, industrial injuries, as well as on improvement of conditions of work and life.
Medical and paramedical health units, as a rule, are not independent institutions and are part of the health units or municipal (district) hospitals, polyclinics.
The number of employees served feldsher health posts at the enterprises of different industries, different (see table).

Industry The number of employees served by the health center
Chemical and oil-refining
Mining, coal, oil
Nonferrous metallurgy
Ferrous metallurgy
Other sectors
When those working in the industry over specified in the table organized medical health units.
As part of the medical unit at the largest industrial enterprises in order to bring medical aid to employees and more rapid realization of sanitary-preventive work in individual workshops are created Guild medical health units with the clock (if on the night shift working 100 people and more) the duty nurses. Assistant of the health units do not have the right to issue medical certificates. Providing first aid, medical assistant immediately sends ill in hospital. If necessary, the nurse gives the patient help in the clinic that he went to the health center. The doctor at the health centre may issue a certificate of incapacity for up to 3 days, to be sent for treatment to the hospital.
The most important section of the work of the health post is providing first or first medical aid, in particular trauma (overlay aseptic bandage to stop the bleeding, fixation and immobilization of fractures). In the volume of aid and includes measures of stimulation of cardiac activity, introduction of anti-tetanus serum, protivosokovh activities. If necessary, the health center will organize the transport of victims in a medical unit or specialized medical institutions.
Shop the health center should have a so-called emergency plan providing all necessary for rendering medical assistance at mass casualties. For these purposes at the health centre should be an emergency supply dressing material, tires and medicines. You should provide a stock of linen and equipment for emergency deployment of temporary beds, and provide additional funds for quick transportation of the victims.
The staff of the health center, in addition to measures on rendering first aid, carries out planned medical, sanitary - hygienic and anti-epidemic activities: provides a turnout at the next inspection of workers and employees for periodic inspection and examination; monitors the implementation of the administration of the recommendations of the workshop doctor and sanitary station on improvement of sanitary-hygienic conditions in the shop and on the translation of individual workers to work more appropriate to their state of health; conduct mass immunizations, monitors the persons who were in contact with infectious patients, etc.
The medical staff of the health center teaches working methods of self - and mutual aid with injuries, conducts systematic work with the sanitary asset participates in the development and analysis of morbidity with temporary loss of ability to work. Much attention is paid to sanitary-educational work.
Planning and the device of the premises of the health center must first meet the requirements of rational first aid in case of accidents. The health center should have origalnol (12 m2), a room of duty personnel (8 m2), dressing (15 m2) and insulator (8 m2). The equipment of the health centre are on special report card, which provides various apparatuses and devices, medical instruments, items of care for patients and others See. also the Health part.