Greens food

Greens food - green part of the garden and wild plants used to make certain food flavouring properties and increased its vitamin values.
In human nutrition, food herbs presented as lettuce, spinach, sorrel and spicy herbs (chives, dill, parsley).
Food herbs contains a lot of vitamins, organic acids, extractive substances. Flavouring and aromatic substances (essential oils) tell her specific spicy smell and taste and a stimulant to the secretion of digestive glands.
In addition to vitamins, food herbs contains a significant amount of calcium, phosphorus, iron. The calcium in food greenery is located in a favourable relations with phosphorus (1 : 0.6) and magnesium (1 : 0,5)that contribute to a better absorption. Calcium spinach and sorrel to digest worse, because it is in them in the form of insoluble salts of oxalic acid.
Food herbs - perishable product, so it should be stored at temperature of about 4o not more than 2-3 days. For longer periods, as well as drying and canning greens loss of vitamin C.