Biliary excretion

Biliary excretion is the process of bile from the gallbladder to the intestine. After eating biliary excretion is enhanced. The impact of the vagus nerve reinforcing, and sympathetic weaken biliary excretion. Special agent biliary excretion is cholecystokinin formed in the mucosa of the duodenum under the influence of hydrochloric acid gastric juice, fatty acids and peptone. Cholecystokinin used in clinical practice as a stimulator of biliary excretion. In urine detected substance antiregulation that inhibits the biliary excretion.
Stimulating effect on biliary excretion have proteins, fats, extractive substances and other cholagogue (see). Biliary excretion caused by the obstruction of the common bile duct (rocks), in case of compression of the sphincter of Oddi (tumors), as well as functional spasm bile duct.