Zheleznovodsk - known drinking resort group of Caucasian Mineral Waters. Is located among a forest, covering the mountain Beshtau, Iron, Razvalka, Honey and others at the height of 630-660 m above sea level.
The first information about the Zheleznovodsk sources appeared in the report of Dr. F. P. Haas in 1810, and after 2 years in this resort area, the first patients. It took more than 150 years, and during this time, Zheleznovodsk grew into a large and comfortable resort of national importance. Currently, the resort explored 22 mineral springs with a total daily production rate of about one million litres. Drinking mineral springs in the resort of the same type. It's hot and cold acidulous hydrocarbonate-sulphate-sodium-calcium water with the General mineralization of 3-3,5 g/L.

Fig. 5. Smirnov's sources of mineral water. Zheleznovodsk.

In the waters of the main sources - Slavyanovskaya and Smirnovskaya contains potassium, sodium, calcium, magnesium and iron as well as lithium, ammonium, magnesium, manganese, zinc and copper. The content of free carbon dioxide in the water of these springs varies from 0.84 g/l (in Slavyanovskaya) to 1.2 g/l (in Power). The water temperature Slavyanovskaya source of the highest - 56 degrees.
Hot calcium waters of Zheleznovodsk are unique and almost anywhere else in the Soviet Union found (Fig. 5). Description of composition and properties of water Smirnovskaya source:

In Zheleznovodsk, besides drinking, widely used treatment with mineral baths. In the mud every day released a large number of various procedures. In summer and especially in autumn Zheleznovodsk is excellent climatic station. The beautiful surroundings of the resort are excellent for walks. The resort is well developed tracks for dosed walking. At the same time at the resort treated about 3,500 patients.
In 1890 in Zheleznovodsk were sent to the treatment of sick children. In subsequent years, were developed indications and methods of treatment of children in the resort. Currently in Zheleznovodsk there are 3 sanatorium that treats children at the age from 7 till 14 years.
Indications for treatment in Zheleznovodsk adults are: secretory and motor disorders of the stomach of an operational nature, chronic hyperacid and normalnye gastritis, saying disease stomach and duodenal ulcers in remission or small aggravation, well-compensated, with no tendency to bleeding, diseases of operated stomach, chronic colitis different etiology and localization, excluding parasitic and peptic ulcer, chronic hepatitis and cholecystitis, cholelithiasis, chronic angioholity, metabolic disorders (gout, urine acid diathesis, oxaluria and phosphaturia), pyelonephritis, urolithiasis in the stage of full compensation, chronic pality and cystitis (of non-tubercular character).
Indications for treatment of children are: 1) chronic diseases of the stomach and intestines, especially gastritis with high acidity and gastric ulcer and duodenal ulcer outside the period of exacerbation; 2) subacute and chronic hepatitis and cholecystitis, the effects of infectious jaundice not earlier than 6 months after onset of the disease; 3) chronic colitis of various etiology, except parasitic; 4) chronic pality and cystitis apparatus diseases; 5) the alimentary obesity.
Water and Slavyanovskaya Smirnovskaya source is poured into bottles. The filling of this water is increasing every year; in 1963, was poured 28.6 million bottles.