Gastric juice

Gastric juice secret, secreted by glands in the mucosa of the stomach. Colorless, slightly opalescent liquid. Density (specific gravity) of gastric juice - 1,006 - with 1.009, pH of 1.5-2.0. Daily capacity reaches 2 l
Gastric secret consists of two components: tuck allocated obkladochnykh cells and has an acidic reaction, and neobladder allocated to all other cells of the stomach and having alkaline reaction.
Tuck the secret contains hydrochloric acid in high concentrations. The latter does not damage the stomach lining due to the presence of protective factors (neobladder secret, mucus and buffer properties of food).
Neoplatonic the secret contains pepsin, gestrichen, mucin, chlorides, carbonates, phosphates , sodium and potassium. The main source of education neobladder secret serves, the mucous membrane of the porter, of pepsinogen (predecessor pepsina - belkovosvazavatei enzyme) is produced by the major cells in the body of the stomach. Second belkovosvazavatei enzyme is gestrichen. Its proteolytic activity is almost two times higher than that of pepsin.
Gastric cancer man can develop the lipase and possibly other enzymes. Also secreted into the stomach of gastro-mucoprotein, or internal factor castle (see castle factors), the group of biologically active substances of blood. The cells that produce these substances, is still unknown.
The regulatory mechanism of gastric secretion is complex and not fully disclosed. Installed participation in this process, nervous and endocrine systems, as well as local regulatory mechanisms in the stomach and intestines.
Study of gastric juice - see Benzidine test that the Stomach.
Gastric juice as a drug. Use natural and artificial gastric juice. Natural gastric juice is obtained from healthy dogs and other domestic animals fistula stomach imaginary feeding (by I. P. Pavlov) and can 0,03-0,04% solution of salicylic acid. Artificial gastric juice is a water extract mucous membrane stomach swine. Gastric juice is prescribed for the insufficient function of gastric glands (ahilia, Hypo - and anatsidnyh gastritis, dyspepsia). Take 1-2 tablespoon in 1/4-1/2 Cup water 2-3 times a day during meals. Produced in bottles of 100 and 150 ml Keep in dark place at temperature 2 -10 degrees.