Tumours of the stomach

In the stomach can develop tumors of different histological structure.
Benign tumors of the stomach - fibroma, lipoma, neuroma, polyps. These tumors are usually a little worried sick and are detected only when x-rays of the stomach. The treatment of these tumors is surgery.
Malignant tumors of the stomach - cancercoming from the epithelium, and sarcoma - of connective tissue (extremely rare).
Stomach cancer typically arises from pathological changes of the mucous membrane of the stomach.

polyp stomach
Fig. 2. Polyp stomach on a long stalk, semushina gatekeeper. Fig. 3. Saucer-shaped adenocarcinoma of the stomach.
stomach cancer
Fig. 4. Skirr stomach. Fig. 5. Mucosal cancer of the stomach.

The restructuring of the gastric mucosa contribute to overeating, lack of food, fatty or spicy foods. To precancerous conditions (pathological changes that may lead to the formation of a cancer of a stomach) are chronic gastritis, gastric ulcer, and polyposis. Most often, gastric cancer is preceded by atrophic gastritis with low acidity gastric juice. The second is a chronic kaluzna stomach ulcer, penetrating into adjacent organs; at the edges of the ulcer is a malignancy of the epithelium.
Stomach cancer is about 40% of all malignant tumors in humans. Men fall ill more often than women.
The clinical course of stomach cancer is diverse and depends on the form of growth (submucosal, mushroom) and the location of the tumor (porter, body, cardiac Department). At the beginning of the disease symptoms are often poorly expressed. There are General and local symptoms of stomach cancer. To the General include: causeless weakness, fatigue, loss of appetite, weight loss, irritability, loss of ability to work. Local signs include moderate gripping pains, feeling of fullness stomach, belching, nausea, sometimes vomiting (the latter is expressed mainly in the defeat of the pyloric stomach).
In cancer of the gastric cardia arise (first irregularly) trouble swallowing hard, and then and liquid food. Appear regurgitation, increased salivation, later hiccups.
When the above complaints (especially in the elderly) patients should be sent for laboratory and x-ray examination in a clinic or hospital.
In cancer of the stomach may occur early multiple metastases in lymph nodes (sometimes in supraclavicular region - Verkhovskii) and internal organs (liver, pancreas). Metastases in the ovary are called tumors of Krukenberg.
Treatment of cancer and sarcoma) stomach surgery - gastric resection.
Prevention: a systematic monitoring of patients with precancerous diseases of the stomach (see above) with clinical and radiological control in a clinic or hospital. Patients with a growing stomach polyps, suspected malignancy should operate.