Care for patients after surgery on the stomach

In the first day after the operation does not allow to drink. Injected isotonic solution of sodium chloride 1.5 to 2 litres of solution of glucose 40%-50 Jr. Depleted patients shows a blood transfusion, plasma protein blood substitutes. In the absence of vomiting on the second day give to drink boiled water, iced tea on 1 table. L. (2-3 cups a day). If you receive regurgitation dark stagnant liquid, fluid intake through your mouth stop and display the contents of the stomach thin probe is inserted through the nose (see Suction drainage). When smooth postoperative period on 2-3rd day give sweet tea, soup, fruit juices; 4-5-e - designate table 1-a, on 6-7-th and in the following days - table № 1. Sit resolve with 3-5 day, to go in smoothly flowing postoperative period - from 6 to 7 days. Skin sutures are removed on the 8-9th day; when smooth over prescribe the patient under observation outpatient physician for 12-15 days. Cm. also the Postoperative period.