Research methods stomach

  • Functional survey
  • The study of the stomach includes: anamnesis, physical examination, the study of functions of a stomach (laboratory, instrumental, x-ray examination (see), a gastrostomy (see), as well as a number of special methods. For carrying out of radiological researches it is necessary to prepare the patient: a cleansing enema (see) do the night before the survey, and 6 hours. on the morning of the study. To x-rays of the stomach, the patient must not eat, drink, drugs, and Smoking.
    The interrogation. Investigate complaints of the patient, the medical history (see). You should pay special attention to the change of appetite, dyspepsia (see), pain, their localization, irradiation, time of occurrence, the relationship with the reception and quality of food, physical and mental stress, as well as the factors that contribute to the reduction or cessation of pain (heat, vomiting, drugs).
    The inspection. If there are complaints, they might make you think the stomach trouble, you should conduct and General inspection of the patient, often giving valuable information to diagnose diseases of the stomach.
    Dramatic weight loss can cause an assumption about the presence of gastric cancer or organic stenoses privratnika stomach. Paleness skin and mucous membranes occurs after heavy stomach bleeding.
    Under normal abdominal wall of the stomach is not visible. Unclear contours of the stomach could be seen through the abdominal wall with a significant weight loss of a patient. In organic narrowing or functional spasm privratnika stomach can be observed pathological peristalsis food-filled stomach in podlojecna area.
    Percussion. To define the lower limit of the stomach are very quiet percussion. In the supine position of the patient lower bound is located on 1-3 cm above the navel to the middle line.
    Auscultation. Listening to occur in the stomach sounds used in the induction noise of splash". It's the easiest possible in lying position of the patient with the help of quick and short game four bent fingers of his right hand in the epigastric area. The left hand should fix the abdominal muscles in the field xiphoid process. "The sound of lapping can be called with the gas and the liquid in the stomach. Later the sound of the lapping of the"caused by several hours after eating, demonstrates the violation of the evacuation function of the stomach or a sharp reduction in its tone. "The sound of the lapping of the" right of the middle line is detected when the extension preprocesses part of the stomach (symptom Vasilenko).
    Palpation. Superficial palpation allows to define a degree of tension of the abdominal muscles in the stomach, the pain zone. By the method of deep palpation (see the Abdomen) are determined by the curvature of the stomach, the tumor.