Motor and secretory stomach upset

From the engine's most important in practical terms related disorders disorders of the gatekeeper - spasm, stenosis and failure. Spasm and stenosis lead to a long, sometimes up to several days delay of food in the stomach and to the development of the processes of rotting and fermentation. The manifestation is belching hydrogen sulfide ("rotten egg"), excessive vomiting in the morning. Under the influence of treatment (atropine) functional spasm disappears. With long-term existence of organic stenosis comes a sharp total exhaustion. Surgical treatment.
The failure of the pylorus of the stomach may also be functional (if ahilii, paresis) and organic (infiltration gatekeeper inflammation, cancer, syphilis, tuberculosis, ulcers). Treatment therapy of the main disease.
Pathology secretory function of the stomach can be expressed in quantitative and qualitative changes of gastric secretion. To include quantitative hypersecretion, hipocrecia; to quality - hiperlan figurine hydria (see), hypochlorhydria (see) and achlorhydria (see).
Secretory violations are a symptom of functional disorders and organic diseases of the stomach, organs of the digestive system (neurosis of the stomach, stomach ulcer, gastritis, cancer, chronic cholecystitis, enterocolitis , and others).
Neurosis stomach develops in individuals suffering from psychasthenia, hysteria, neurasthenia. The emergence of neurosis stomach promote mental trauma, overstrain of the nervous system, infection, intoxication.
Complaints of patients with neurosis stomach different: fatigue, dizziness, insomnia, appetite changes, a sense of pressure and pain in the epigastric region, especially after eating; there belching, nausea and even vomiting; change constipation diarrhea.
When examining a patient there is increased irritability, gastro - and antelopes, impaired motor function of the stomach, intestines. The severity of subjective sensations cannot be combined with the data of objective research. Diagnosis of neurosis stomach may be considered to be established only if completely excluded organic diseases of the stomach. For variabelno. The prognosis is favorable.
Treatment. Finding and eliminating the causes of increased excitability of the nervous system. For the period of treatment is better off sick from a familiar environment (be sent to the hospital or sanatorium); using physiotherapy methods (bath, shower, electrotherapy); bromides, Valerian, drugs belladonna. No Smoking, alcohol.
A fallen stomach (bathygastry) - a condition in which the big curvature of a stomach is determined below the iliac crest. The omission of the stomach may be constitutional (astenikov) and acquired (dramatic weight loss, excessive physical activity and others). Clinically may not occur or be accompanied by complaints of heaviness, pressure and pain in podlojecna area, belching, bloating. In the study show poor muscle development, the protrusion of the lower part of the abdomen, "the sound of splashing". The functional ability of the stomach is not broken.
Diagnosis is confirmed by x-ray. It is necessary to exclude the pyloric stenosis. The forecast is favorable.
Treatment and prevention: asymptomatic omission of the stomach treatment is not required; if there are complaints, evidencebased the x-ray - high-calorie diet, light physical exercises that strengthen the abdominal muscles, massage of the abdomen, water treatments, light physical work, sanatorium-resort treatment. During pregnancy and after childbirth - compliance with hygiene requirements, strengthening muscles of the abdominal wall. Cm. also Splashnotes.