Tuberculosis stomach

Tuberculosis stomach - rare localization of a tuberculous process. Disease can develop in contact with Mycobacterium tuberculosis hematogenous route or with the direct transition process with neighbouring authorities. When PATOLOGOANATOMICHESKOE study, the most frequent ulcerative lesions of nature, localized mainly in the field gatekeeper and the small curvature. Perforation and stenoses privratnika are rare.
The disease may be asymptomatic. In other cases, the clinical picture of TB stomach reminds peptic ulcer disease, gastritis, a stomach tumor is more likely to occur in men. Diagnosis is difficult, as there is no typical radiology and endoscopy of the picture. Substantial assistance with aspiration, especially targeted biopsy of the gastric mucosa. TB of the lungs or other organs, combined with organic lesions of the stomach, causes suspected tuberculous lesions. Should differentiate with peptic ulcer disease, tumors of the stomach. Treatment anti means (see a Tuberculosis, treatment).