Damage to the stomach

Damage to the stomach are open (a gunshot wound the bullet, fragment, cutting and piercing items) and closed (blow to the stomach, compression, such as wheel of the car, falling from a height). Damage to the stomach mostly combined with damage to other organs of the abdominal cavity. The diagnosis is made based on history, symptoms of a rapidly evolving, diffuse peritonitis (doskoobraznye the muscles of the abdominal wall, the symptoms of peritoneal irritation), signs of internal bleeding, shock, bloody vomiting. A characteristic sign of damage to the stomach - the presence of gas in the abdominal cavity is detected when percussion (on the disappearance of hepatic stupidity), and by x-ray.
The patient with suspected damage to the stomach before the doctor's examination must be provided with absolute rest. When there is a wound of the abdominal wall produce toilet its circumference and impose sterile dressing. Fallen through the wound inside is not set, limited to the imposition of an aseptic bandage. Before establishing of the final diagnosis should not be introduced analgesics (morphine), as they obscure the clinical picture of the disease. Patients with damage to the stomach immediately transported lying in hospital, where he can be helped. Treatment - a set protivosokovh activities, laparotomy. The amount of assistance is determined by the nature of damage: closure of the hole, resection of the stomach, stopping bleeding, etc.,