Acute gastric dilatation

Acute gastric dilatation as an independent disease is rare, is very hard, often leads to death. The reasons are diverse; often has a value of overflow of the stomach caused by the violation of promoting content due to narrowing of gatekeeper. The essence of the illness is the paralysis of neuromuscular apparatus wall of the stomach, resulting in progressive stretching of the stomach due to the accumulation of liquid contents and emissions. The stomach can take a significant portion of the abdominal cavity, contain a large amount of fluid (5 liters) and due to prirastajte walls even torn. Symptoms: severe General condition, frequent pulse weak filling, a significant increase and bloating, nausea, repeated vomiting. Through the introduction of a probe, a large amount of content, then the stomach drops off. This temporarily brings relief to the patient.
Acute gastric dilatation as a complication accompanies the peritonitis, acute intestinal obstruction, injuries of the abdomen and various surgical interventions on the abdominal organs. Usually developed on 2-5th postoperative day. With timely and rational treatment runs favorably.
Treatment - a one-stage gastric emptying thick probe, long suction content (3 - 7 days) through a thin probe is inserted through the nose into the stomach (see Suction drainage), parenteral fluids, chloride, glucose.