Female reproductive system

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Physical development is accompanied by the appearance of certain peculiarities in mental and emotional life of the child and the teenager. There is an interest to issues of gender. In childhood is sexual curiosity which is a phenomenon that is completely natural, and it should be treated as one of the parties shared aspiration to cognition of the surrounding world, peculiar to children. For adults, this fact must be understood to raise their children correctly, when you have to answer them, in essence, completely innocent questions! In adolescence, naturally comes first period of the awakening of sexual desire (libido), R. Neubert very well defined as the period of "needs for intimacy and tenderness" *. "The girls libido remain in this stage for many years, usually Teens and longer... In youths aged 18 and 19 years of sexual instinct gradually reaches full development, requiring physical proximity and discharge" **.
So, a person needs a lot of time - 16-20 years (!) - to achieve full sexual maturity. However, the overall physical and intellectual maturity comes much later - by 25-30 years. Of course, the individual features of development can vary within certain limits, but given the timing of the fair as an average norm. Hence, young people who have reached puberty and even more - only entered this period of development, it is necessary to pass some stages of abstinence. According to leading sexual therapists (L. Ya. of Jacobson, L. I. mil'man and others), sexual abstinence is of great importance for the further course of normal physical, emotional and psychological development ***.
After puberty comes adulthood in the development of which there are three periods****: the stage of Mature age or adult age from 25 to 45 years for men, 20 to 40 years for women; age of maturity, continuing until age changes; age old age, leading gradually to the total extinction of body functions and ending with death*****. Each of these stages of development of the body correspond to certain anatomical and physiological changes of the organs of the reproductive system.
Departure of the reproductive system have a huge and very deep impact on all life processes of the human organism during all his life. In turn, the development and functioning of the organs of reproduction, are part of an integral system of the body controlled and regulated by the endocrine and nervous systems according to the common needs of the body. It should be borne in mind, however, that the leading role in this process belongs to the nervous system (see main V).

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