Harness hemostatic

Harness hemostatic - device for temporary stop bleeding from vessels in the limbs by circular dragging and compression limbs tissues with blood vessels. Tourniquet used for bleeding tissue during surgery on hand and foot, amputations of limbs, etc. For compression only venous vessels tourniquet impose at venepunktia (see) and to extend the validity of regional intraosseous and intravenous anesthesia.

tourniquet esmarkha
Fig. 1. Tourniquet esmarkha
the imposition of a tourniquet esmarkha
Fig. 2. The imposition of a tourniquet esmarkha: 1 and 2 - stages overlay

Tourniquet impose only significant arterial bleeding; if the venous and small arterial bleeding can apply a pressure bandage. A tourniquet should be located centrally damaged plot: when wounded lower limb - at any level thighs, upper limbs, on the shoulder, except the middle one-third because of the danger of compression of nerve trunks. In order to avoid infringement of the skin under tourniquet enclose soft lining, for example towel, straightened part of the service, the layer of cotton wool, etc., With the right imposition of a tourniquet disappears pulse on peripheral arteries, distal limb of a tourniquet pales, the bleeding stops. Loose tourniquet causes venous congestion, swelling and increased bleeding from a wound. Excessive tightening harness limbs can cause compression of the nerves, followed by paralysis. A tourniquet can be on a limb is not more than 2 hours in order to avoid ossification tissue. Therefore, it is necessary to clearly indicate the time of imposition of a tourniquet on the special tag attached to the harness, or in the accompanying leaflet. If necessary, leave a tourniquet for a longer time it is necessary to dissolve for a few seconds (at this point artery pressed his finger), or to shift to a new place, several centrally. Limb with an overlay of hemostatic harness should be mobilizovat, putting it in a convenient (preferably an elevated position.
Wounded with a styptic harness should be immediately sent to the hospital for the final stop bleeding (see).
There are several varieties of hemostatic cables. Harness esmarkha (Fig. 1) - thick rubber tube with a hook and a chain on the ends. The technique of blending (Fig. 2): straighten fold service level tourniquet is applied or wrap limb in this place a soft cloth. Superimposing a tourniquet becomes the side of the victim and brings harness under limb. Then take the harness at the end and in the middle part and stretch a rubber tube, wrapping her legs around to stop bleeding from the wound. The first round of the harness must be very tight, further momentum over the weak. Gradual reduction of tensile rubber clip on a limb entire harness. Tours tourniquet is placed near densely so that between them there was not infringing tissues.

Fig. 3. Band tourniquet

Fig. 4. Rubber belt harness

Fig. 5. Band rubber tourniquets limb
the imposition of a cloth-harness-twist
Fig. 6. The imposition of a cloth-harness-twist: 1 - harness-spin; 2 and 3 - stages of imposition; 4 - harness imposed

Fig. 7. Makeshift tourniquet-spin imposed on a limb

The ends of a tourniquet connect, bringing the hook for one of the rings in the chain. Belt harness (Fig. 3) - rubber band width of about 3 see Impose it as harness esmarkha. To stop bleeding from vessels of the upper limb and bleeding limbs during operations, use tape harness made of thin elastic rubber width of 5-6 cm (Fig. 4). Impose it on pre raised limb spiral moves from the periphery to the center (Fig. 5), fix, knotting the ends of the string or special tape-string on one of its ends.
Fabric harness-spin (Fig. 6,1) consists of a strip of a strong fabric 1 m long and 3 cm in width, twist and zipper on one end. The spin - loop from a band of the same width as harness, with a stick in the middle of the cloth and rings for fixing it all is connected with the band bundle two rectangular buckles near the clasp. Fabric harness-spin impose the following way (Fig. 6, 2-4). The left hand take the buckle, and the right braid wrapped around the legs and, prodanov
through the closure, extremely lengthy. The spin must be in a location convenient for tightening. Tighten the tourniquet by the rotation of the wand with a twist braids-twist. After reaching the required pressure vessels and stop bleeding the end of the rod is fixed in one of the loops.
Standard wiring can be replaced with a belt, scarf, shawl. any piece of material, and so on (you cannot use a wire, rope, etc). To temporarily stop bleeding improvised harness manufacture, placing him on the type of spin (Fig. 7). The material is put in the form of a wide ribbon wrapped around the legs and tie the ends dual node in which you put a stick. Turning it on, tighten the harness.
For compression of the veins and in some cases and arteries, it is convenient to use the cuff from the apparatus for measuring blood pressure, to control gauge the degree of compression.