Fat-burning cocktails for slimming

"That is to eat in order to lose weight?". The issue of concern to practically everyone, especially women. And probably many who are going to lose weight at least once thought about nutrition. Today popular so-called fat-burning cocktails. Sports shops and pharmacies offer a huge range of this drug - have a ready-made drinks, powder, which will need to dissolve in water, and in the form of tablets. Take them for faster fat loss, endurance in the sport halls. But, that's not harmful if they are to our health?
The main objective of the burners is to whip up the metabolism, improve liver function, to relieve the swelling. Taking them, immediately before and during exercise, the person becomes more robust, have more strength, vigor. Also blunt hunger after the classes, increased sweating, since slightly increased body temperature, and replenish water balance. Without regular exercise these drinks will not bring any benefit and effect. And can, on the contrary, to cause weight gain.

Classification fat burners
Fat burners are divided into two categories. First, they are those who can be bought in any sports shop - various supplements, applicable for physical activity and weight loss. The second is often difficult to access unauthorized drugs, or ones that can write only your doctor.

Group № 1
Supplements you can buy in a drugstore, in contrast to sports drinks, which are sold in specialised shops. The name of the manufacturer significantly affect the price of the burners. Also, do not so to trust advertising slogans, which spread false information. For example, what if the consumption of the drink can have everything and not get up from the sofa. Or that they do not pose any danger to the body.
One popular fat burners is Acetyl-L-Carnitine. He vitamin B 11 or levocarnitine. As a medicine used to improve metabolism, fat and accelerates the recovery process, tends to increase the appetite. Take follows courses with a break in order to avoid addiction. Produced in the process of synthesis in the kidneys and liver. Increases the percentage of protein digestion of food, thereby increasing the efficiency and endurance of man. Without exercise, the application of Acetyl-L-Carnitine is equal to zero. And for those who regularly do sports, helps to save the results.
Thermogenic fat burners work by increasing the body temperature and total blood flow. These are: caffeine, guarana, taurine, extracts of red orange, grapefruit, green tea. These burners are especially effective when playing sports. But for people with diseases of cardiovascular system, they may be contraindicated.
Quick and short effect give the burners on the basis of diuretics - extracts nettle, dandelion, dill. green tea. Is the so-called drying of the body when there is a slight loss of fat, is dehydration. You should be careful with such drugs, as well as abuse fraught with violation of water-salt balance and leaching of minerals from the body. As the load on the genitourinary system diseases of the kidneys.
Activated carbon, chitosan, microcellulose, orlistat, alpha Milesi have the effect of blocking fats and carbohydrates in the gastrointestinal tract and reduce the number of calories eaten. But the peculiarity of these sorbents in question and most likely triggered by a self-suggestion, as yet no studies have been conducted.

Group № 2
This group of burners refers to pharmological group. Their action is aimed at the change in the hormonal imbalances or CNS and mainly focuses on increasing endurance, accelerating metabolism and decreased appetite. Drinks, which contains the Alkaloid Ephedrine, Sibutramine, Thyroxine illegal in Russia and Ukraine. As addictive and have a devastating effect on the internal organs.

Fat burners out of the fridge
A similar replacement pharmaceutical fat burners are all citrus fruit. They reduce the level of insulin in the blood, filled with vitamins and strengthen the protective force of the organism; Increase the production of bile, help to break down fat. So good to eat in between meals grapefruit.
As is known from fish oil are not recover. So feel free to buy fatty fish. In salads, use olive oil. Products such as pine nuts, apples and oatmeal can be reduced appetite. Pineapple, papaya help to digest food. But our Yagoda Malina able to break down fat.
Fat-burning cocktails can be made at home. However, it will be useful and natural drinks, but with less effect. Fit such smoothies almost everyone. Also do not forget about exercise and limitation in flour, sweet, fried. Depending on the expected result to drink cocktails before or instead of some or meal, and also to arrange fasting days. Here are some recipes.

Green cocktail
Mix in a blender:
- 1 kiwi;
- a bit of mint and parsley;
- a couple of slices of lemon;
- 30 ml of water;
Kefir and cinnamon:
All in a blender
- a glass of kefir;
- half a teaspoon of cinnamon and ginger;
- a pinch of red pepper.

Cocktail celery:
- one Apple and pear:
list of celery;
- a quarter of cucumber;
- a few spinach leaves.

This drink should be prepared from the juice ingredients.

Apple hiroshimashi cocktail with vinegar:
- a glass of water;
one teaspoon of Apple cider vinegar, honey and cinnamon.

To cook the carrot and tomato cocktail only need blender: the same number of carrots and tomatoes.

In any case, if you do decide to lose weight with fat burn cocktails and more inclined to drink from a pharmacy or shop, weigh the pros and cons. Consult a doctor examine the composition, contraindications. Cocktails prepared independently, of course, will not give a quick effect, but will Supplement the body with vitamins, normalizes the digestive system. It is important at a meager diet. And, most importantly, lose weight correctly!