By late changes corpse is also saponificare (saponification of the corpse), or the condition known as "fat-wax". It is formed in conditions of high humidity and in the absence of air. Such conditions can be created in the water, when the burial in wet and clay soils and in other similar conditions. Started rotting in the absence of air suspended, tissues and organs gradually pass into the state of fat-wax, which often formed bodies with significant fatty deposits.
With the increased amount of moisture comes maceration of the skin, it becomes permeable to water. Water, penetrating into the corpse, gradually wash away the part of microorganisms, fat decomposes into glycerol and fatty acids: oleic, palmitic and stearic. Glycerin and oleic acid, as substances soluble in water, washed away from the corpse. Palmitic and stearic acids come in connection with salts of alkaline and alkaline-earth metals which are always present in water, soil and are formed when putrid the collapse of the tissues of the body. Connection fatty acids with alkaline metals - sodium and potassium form fat-wax gelatinous consistency, dirty grey colour. Connection fatty acid with calcium or magnesium are dense fat-wax grayish-white in color, with greasy Shine with the odor of rancid cheese. Fat-wax paper leave fat traces, are well cut with a knife and easily melts when heated. When changed circumstances, for example in case of contact of such body in more dry environment, fat-wax hardens and crumbly.
Microscopic examination of tissues and organs in a state of fat-wax, you can see the preserved connective tissue structure of the skin, a fibrous structure of subcutaneous fat, outlines fat lobules, the walls of the arteries, blood in them has the appearance of red-brown homogeneous mass. Muscles also retain their structure. The structure of the internal organs severely disrupted, mostly retained their connective tissue stroma.
In the study of the corpse or part thereof, which is in the state of fat-wax, show signs of damage, strangulation furrows and other changes relevant to the examination. The dead bodies in a state of fat-wax relatively easy to identify what is relevant to the investigation. On severity of fat-wax can talk about old his education taking into account the specific conditions in which there was a dead body. Separate parts of a corpse in case of dismemberment also can enter a state of fat-wax, and it happens more quickly in comparison with the whole body.