The science of zinc young and very old. Even 5000 years ago, the Egyptians used zinc ointment for fast healing of wounds.
In 1896 it was found that zinc is needed for the metabolism of Aspergillus niger, or the usual mold, then he heals and prevents parakeratosis (keratinization) in pigs, and later - that it is essential for the growth birds. About 100 years ago was a discovery that without this element can't do plants.
Around 1930 found that zinc deficiency is the cause of some diseases of animals, and that zinc (Zn), together with other elements vital to them. But as with people?
In 1953, it was found that rats who received the burns, wounds treatment has been much faster and more effectively, when their diet, again by chance, added some zinc.
This was confirmed by further studies on 600 rats.
Since then became interested in the role of zinc in the human body. Found that less than all of this item was in patients suffering from alcoholism, atherosclerosis, ulcers on the body, liver cirrhosis, cancer, heart diseases and diseases caused by poor nutrition. Later revealed, and other causes of the lack of zinc in the blood, such as intensive treatment with cortisone, the use of some birth control pills, use for a long time too salty or too sweet food.
The effect of zinc was tested on 20 young people. Patients were asked before surgery if they agree to take zinc? 10 people gave a positive answer, 10 - refused. Do not receiving more zinc wounds after surgery has healed within 80 days, i.e. as usual. Taking as zinc were healthy after 46 days. It became obvious that zinc is needed convalescents for your recovery.
But only in the beginning 60-ies the opening of Dr. A. S. Prasad about the use of zinc in the treatment became widely known. In a poor village in the Nile Delta doctor met similar to dwarf people, dull, listless, with skin, covered with a rash, with undeveloped genitals. It was believed that the reason of such situation was heredity, and that nothing can help. Meanwhile, Dr. Prasad began to heal the sick just salts of zinc and received wonderful results. Young patients developed physically, mentally, intellectually and sexually in accordance with the norm.
Approximately at the same time, a similar phenomenon was found in Iraq at the time of recruitment into the army. The level of zinc in the blood of the new recruits was extremely low.
In 1968, at a conference of the American society on issues of progress in science was proclaimed: "as zinc deficiency in humans has a negative impact on his health, disrupts the growth and development of the human organism and causes many other painful conditions, it should be recognized zinc is vital to human element".
In 1973, at a scientific Symposium on trace elements and their influence on metabolism in humans and animals, which are held every 4 years in the US, there were represented over 2 thousand of published works on the subject of zinc. Already in 1977 doubled over the previous 10 years, and 3 times more than in the previous 20 years. We will restrict ourselves here to exploring only the most important works of zinc. Bring them in chronological order.

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