Snake venom

Drugs snake venom have analgesic and anti-inflammatory action in neuralgia, arthritis, arthrosis, myositis. The mechanism of therapeutic action of snake venom little understood. There preparations snake venom for use of parenteral (vipraksina, beperkten, viperlin) and external (viprosal and vibrators).
The vipraksina (Vipraxinum; list a) is a water solution of dry Viper venom ordinary. Enter it intradermally (and subcutaneously and intramuscularly) in place of the greatest pain. Initial dose of 0.2 ml Subsequent dose gradually increased (0.1 ml per injection). The interval between injections 1-3 days. The maximum single dose of 1 ml Dose more than 0.4 ml administered in 2-3 places. The course of treatment 10 injections. Note that the vipraksina thermolabile and denaturiruet alcohol (syringe should be refrigerated and free of alcohol). The release form: ampoules to 1 ml Stored in a cool dark place.
As for structure, and on the application of the vipraksina close other preparations containing snake venom: beperkten (Viparctin; list a), produced in the GDR, and viperlin (Viperalgin; list a)manufactured in the Czechoslovak Socialist Republic.
Viprosal (Viprosalum) - a preparation containing lebetina Viper venom. Applied externally: cause of the painful places and RUB dry. Rubbing produce 1-2 times a day. Available in tubes of 20, 30 and 50, Keep in a cool place. Vibrators (Vipratox) - liniment containing toxins different snakes (0.0001 g), methyl salicylate (6 g), camphor (3 g) and the basis for liniment (up to 100 g). Available in tubes of 45, the Usage is similar to viprosal. Is made in the GDR.