The value of canned and concentrates in nutrition

Canned food is a valuable food product, a wide distribution. They are used in kind or for preparation of hot dishes.
Canned food should be stored in a dry and ventilated areas. In winter time the warehouses should be insulated to avoid podmorazhivanija canned food.
The validity restenotic canned determined by appearance, the breakout leak, organoleptic and chemical research content banks.
When assessing the appearance banks note the presence of rust, deformation, Bambara. Bomba - swelling of the bottoms of cans - may indicate damage to the canned food. Distinguish between true and false Bombay. True Bombay unlike the false usually bilateral, swollen bottom is pressed with difficulty and after the cessation of pressure takes the same position. At the opening of banks experiencing the allocation of gases.
One of the varieties of canned food concentrates are dehydrated products, brought to the half. As a rule, the concentrates are soft packing. There concentrates of the first, second and sweet dishes (kissels, stewed fruit).
The concentrates are not sterile and should therefore be stored in the cold. Their shelf life of 3-6 months. Signs of damage - mildew, musty odor, bad smell and taste at trial cooking and the presence of pests.
The condom is the products, canned salt, vinegar, sealed in glass or tin containers. The condom is not sterilized, and therefore their shelf life is limited. They should be stored at low temperature. The typical form of a condom are sprat.