Hygienic importance of green plantations

Green spaces are important in health and hygiene, architectural and socio-cultural terms. First of all, they are a source of formation of oxygen. Green plantations improve microclimate, soften the temperature regime of open spaces in the hot summer days. This is because with the right placement of the green, protect the surface of the walls, soil from direct sunlight. In addition, the surface temperature of greenery due to the reflection of sunlight and moisture evaporation lower than the temperature of the walls of the soil. Research shows that the air temperature in the summer among intra stands much lower than in the open field. To mitigate the climate near the buildings and streets recommended vertical gardening walls climbing plants.
From the surface of plantations evaporates moisture, so the humidity among the green areas on 18-22% higher than in the open field. It should also be noted windproof property of green plantings. Scientifically proven that green trees reduce wind speed, and wind influence them depending on the density of planting affects the distance of 15-20 times the height of the trees.
The dust particles in the air, encountering on their way green area, is deposited on the surface of leaves, pine needles. Green plantations also play a role not only mechanical, and chemical filters for some gases. So, plants capture from ambient air sulfurous gas that builds up in their tissues in the form of sulphates.
In addition, crowns of trees delays solar radiation and creates shading.
Dustproof function of green plantings is widely used in beautification of settlements. Planted protective zone between industrial enterprises polluting the air and living quarters, as well as grow greenery areas on the perimeter of medical institutions, residential areas.
Observations show that green plantations reduce the concentration in air of different gases (nitrous oxide, carbon monoxide, etc.) by scattering them in the upper atmosphere and delays leaves. Plantations reduce street noise.
Green areas have a favorable effect on the human organism, improving the heat transfer. It should be noted and psycho-hygienic value of green - improve mood, well-being.