Sensing - the introduction of a probe into a hollow and tubular organs, fistulous passages, purulent cavities with diagnostic and therapeutic purposes.
To check the patency of tubular organs (nasolacrimal channel, esophagus , and others), to determine the depth and direction of fistulous course, pockets of purulent cavities, to detect foreign bodies and concretions are metal probes - thin rods, usually with Pugovkina or levobrezni thickening at the end. Sounding hollow probes (metal or rubber) are used for emptying hollow organ from the accumulated content, capture content a hollow organ in the analysis, washing of the body, the introduction of drug or contrast media for x-ray diagnostics). Hollow tips for sensing (catheterization) of the urethra is called a catheter.
Sounding metal probes - medical manipulation; clumsy, coarse introduction of the probe can break through the wall of the body, fistular stroke and deep into the tissue. No Pets sounding fresh wounds, as it threatens the introduction of microbes from the surface of the wound into the deep. Average health care workers may, as a rule, use only a soft probes with the purpose of emptying the bladder with urinary retention (see Catheterization) and sensing stomach for washing (for example, if poisoning) or the taking of gastric juice. The introduction of a probe in the stomach and intestines - see Duodenal intubation. The stomach. The catheterization - see Heart.