Zones of sanitary protection

Zones of sanitary protection of the territory around water supply sources and water supply facilities, which establishes a special regime, excluding or restricting the possibility of pollution or contamination. Zones of sanitary protection are established on all existing, under construction and planned pipelines and are divided into 3 zones with special regime in each. I zone - the zone of strict regime - is established on the territory, which produces water intake and are head works of the water supply system. When using open water territory of the first zone includes the opposite coast and the area not less than 200 m below the water intake; in the use of groundwater is about 0.25 hectares with a radius of at least 30 m near wells, using cross water; 50 m, groundwater. This territory is protected, surrounded by a strip of green areas and protected; inside it is prohibited stay of unauthorized persons and construction.
II zone - zone limits - covers the territory, surface and underground drains which can influence the composition and properties of water supply source. On this territory there are events for protection from pollution of domestic and industrial wastewater. The boundaries II zone for running surface water bodies are set up for taking into account the nature of the contamination and the speed of water self-purification. For most of the rivers of the European part of the USSR these boundaries extend from the water intake by 30-60 km up the river and 3-5 km from the shore. Along the coast are stored or produced forest planting width in 150-200 meters and implemented a strict sanitary regime. For underground sources boundaries II belts are established taking into account the intensity of self-purification processes in filtration through the soil and bedrock, and the speed of promotion of pollution on water horizons.
In connection with the improvement of the epidemiological situation in our country is the need to establish III zone (zone epidemiological surveillance) currently has disappeared.
Zones of sanitary protection of resorts are established for protection from pollution and depletion of mineral water, deposits of curative mud, preservation and improvement of beaches and so on, See. also Sanitary protection of water bodies.