Zoology is the study of fauna of the Earth; studying the species diversity of animals (taxonomy); distribution of animals on Earth (zoogeography); adaptation of animals to specific conditions of existence and animal relations with the environment (ecology); structure of animals (morphology); individual development of animals (embryology); the vital activity of the animal organism (physiology); the animals (ethology); patterns of heredity and variability of (genetics of animals); comparative anatomy of extinct fossil animals (paleontology), and other
Achievements and methods of the study of Zoology widely used in medicine. Particularly important for medical practice has acquired such sections of Zoology, as Parasitology (see), protozoology (the science of protozoa), helminthology (see), medical entomology (the science of insects) and acarology (the science of the grip), Herpetology (the study of reptiles), and other
Cm. also Biology.