TartarDental stone - hard deposits on the teeth, containing about 10% of water and 90% of dry residue. The formation of Tartar contribute bad care of mouth cavity, missing teeth-antagonists, the affected tooth.
The first stage of the formation of dental calculus - the deposition of soft plaque (mucus, cell closeplease epithelium, bacteria and food debris), the second - soaking soft plaque mineral components of saliva. There are of supragingival and subgingival Tartar. Of supragingival dental calculus less dense, usually yellow-white colour; it contains mineral substances are deposited from saliva. Subgingival Tartar harder and darker supragingival; it contains mineral substances are deposited from the exudate inflamed gums. While irritating effect on the gums, the plaque can cause or aggravation of existing gingivitis (see). Periodically, you need to carefully remove the plaque.
Prevention: care of the teeth, eating food that promotes self-cleaning of the teeth (raw fruits, vegetables and others).