Prosthodontic laboratory

Prosthodontic laboratory - a specially equipped room where dental technicians on assignment and under the supervision of a physician produce dentures, orthodontic appliances, jaw bus, the prostheses of the jaw and face. Industrial premises prosthodontic laboratory consist of a storage premise, as, moulding and curing, polishing and foundry rooms. With a small staff prosthodontic laboratory valid Association as, forming, curing processes in the same room.
In prosthodontic laboratory must strictly comply with certain hygiene requirements, as dental technicians: working with acids (sulfuric, nitric, hydrochloric, and others), esters of methyl methacrylate). In addition, in the air prosthodontic laboratories, especially in production places dental technicians, have a pair of gasoline, dust, plaster and various abrasive materials. For the equipment of main and auxiliary facilities shall be provided special ventilation systems, as well as eyeliner hot and cold water. The ventilation system must be installed so as to ensure normal temperature (18-20 degrees) and humidity (40-60%) of air. The air duct to the grinding motors for polishing must be connected to a dust collector. When switching on the grinding motor automatically ventilation.
In the room where produce heat treatment of castings and sleeves, drying of plaster, whitening the metal parts of the prosthetic and others, must be installed fume cupboard.
Billet room (room) is designed for a range of basic production processes. Every worker should have no less than 13 m3 capacity of the area and not less than 4 m2 floor space. The walls should be painted with oil paint bright colors. Floors - tiled or covered with linoleum. Windows must meet certain sanitary conditions: light factor (ratio glazed window surface to the area of the floor) - not less than 1/5, the angle of incidence of light rays (the inclination to the horizon) in the workplace - not less than 25-27°, artificial lighting - 150 Lux, with fluorescent lamps - 300 Lux, light should fall right or left from working.
For dental work is the most convenient combined light, in which all working premises are covered by the General light and, in addition, there are additional lamps at each workplace.
Workplace dental technician - laboratory table height 70 - 75 cm, table with round neckline, covered with fireproof plastic, sheet steel or brass and screw the stool. In the center of the neckline to the edge of the Board fix wooden cone. In the table - boxes for small tools, sawdust collection of precious metals and waste gypsum. Excellent - shelves for storage of works and major equipment. On the table strengthen dental motor, put the burner.
In as bathroom has as a table with holes for waste gypsum, eyeliner hot and cold water and a tank for storage of gypsum. On the table fortified Trouser ditch.
Moulding and curing room is intended for the procurement of plastic dough moulding and polymerization plastics. In the room there is covered with plastic table for the procurement of plastic, which strengthened Trouser ditch; in the Desk drawers store of the cell and the vessel for collecting of waste plastic, over a table is extractor hood for the extraction of fumes plastic. There is a unit for melting the wax from the ditch and polymerization.
Casting is designed for casting and soldering of parts of prostheses of various alloys.
Installed cameras centrifuge machine or by hand, melting machine, electric furnaces for drying of moulding boxes and heating ditch before pouring it metal.
In polishing have a table with fume cupboards and strengthened on the tables train-motors. One of the train-motors has special equipment for collection of polishing masses containing wastes of precious metals.